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The Genestealer Cults are now officially out in force, but how do you use your shiny new miniatures on the battlefield? Well, fear not, for help is at hand. In Part 1 of his Genestealer Cults Tactica, honorary Nexos Geoff Robinson discussed the myriad uses of the army’s Cult Ambush ability. Today, he’s breaking down the turn, phase by phase, to take a look at how you can maintain the advantage you gained from your initial ambush. 

Geoff: Hello everyone! The new codex doesn’t demand you play the Genestealer Cults in any one way. In fact, it empowers a good general to employ armies of very different styles and compositions. Today, I’d like to break down several phases of the game and discuss how to focus your efforts according to your choice of units – and look at some of the key Genestealer Cults units we can best utilise in each phase.

The Psychic Phase

The Magus is a great HQ option and will probably find its way into a lot of lists. With its Spiritual Leader ability, the Magus offers some formidable psychic defence in addition to its own innate ability to deny a psychic power. On top of that, the Magus can cast one power (or two in one turn of the game with a Familiar). I like Mass Hypnosis, as it inflicts an enemy with -1 to hit and an inability to fire Overwatch that can come in handy considering how often a typical Genestealer Cults army wants to engage in close combat.

Another HQ that will commonly be taken is the Patriarch. Not only is it deadly in melee, but at Leadership 10, it’s the best candidate to harness the Mental Onslaught psychic power. We also have a number of ways to lower enemy Leadership and even raise our own (like with the aura ability from the Clamavus), making this a power you should look to make use of, as it can take down some surprisingly powerful foes in the Psychic phase.

An Abominant, while not psychically inclined himself, does come with a special Mindwyrm Familiar that inflicts a penalty to Psychic tests for enemy Psykers (other than our beloved Tyranids) within 12″. This is fantastic as your Abominant should be in the thick of the fray anyway, so that large area of effect comes into play very often!

Finally, I want to mention that this codex has some fantastic psychic powers and begs you to go with a wide variety. For example, if your opponent is kind enough to field an Imperial Knight against you, why not use Mind Control to take command of it for a turn…?

The Shooting Phase

Genestealer Cults have ample access to ranged weaponry with solid Strength and AP characteristics such as mining lasers, allowing them to knock down enemy vehicles and monsters with relative ease. Achilles Ridgerunners offer fast, inexpensive ways to mount a heavy weapon and can guard key objectives while putting out powerful damage. Accompany your Ridgerunners with a Jackal Alphus and use its Priority Target Sighted ability to boost their shooting effectiveness against a key target.

If massed shooting is the order of the day, you can charge your Neophyte Hybrids with the task of autogun fire, empowered by the heroic Kelermorph. While by themselves Neophytes only possess an average level of accuracy, firing first with your deadly gunslinger and targeting an easy model to kill with one of his guns means you can then re-roll hit rolls of 1 for all friendly units within 6″ of him for that phase. You can take this even further and have a Primus join the ambush. The turn it shows up, you can nominate an enemy unit to re-roll 1s to wound too, against a single enemy unit.

Of course, we wouldn’t be much of a revolutionary force if we didn’t recognise the importance of removing key figures. Is a pesky psyker ruining your day? Why not see what the Sanctus can do about it? Equipped with a silenced sniper rifle, this assassin can do great damage to enemy characters – especially those tainted by the warp. Give your Sanctus The Gift From Beyond relic and you could be wounding said characters on a 2+ (while causing an additional mortal wound on a 4+) before triggering a Perils of the Warp. 

The Combat Phase

Our beloved Purestrain Genestealers are the obvious mention here. While they don’t benefit from Cult Creeds, they do get to join in the Cult Ambush by deploying underground or as an ambush marker. Given how fast these predators move, your opponent will rightly fear where they’ll turn up. Being able to start them 9″ away from an enemy model means they’re already dangerously close, but combine that with the A Perfect Ambush stratagem to get them D6″ closer, ready for the charge. If you set up a Clamavus nearby, you’re also increasing their charge range by 1. Very few things in this wonderful game welcome the charge of 20 Genestealers…

Aside from this, I’d be remiss not to mention the Aberrants here. Surprisingly difficult to kill and packing a hefty wallop, these fiends will destroy infantry and armoured targets alike. I prefer to run them with power picks and combine buffs like the psychic power Might from Beyond with a permanent power-up from a Biophagus. You can’t lose with Genomic Enhancement – a boost to Attacks, Strength or Toughness will dramatically improve your Aberrants regardless of what you roll.

Don’t forget your Acolyte Hybrids, too. They’re a scary unit at close range, with each of them having the option to take a hand flamer while still remaining effective in close combat – I just love their utility! They also have a huge variety of powerful melee weapon options that can augment their rending claws. When properly equipped, there isn’t much in the game they can’t kill.

In Conclusion…

As I write this, I am cackling with glee at how much how much more there is for you all to discover – I’ve barely even begun to scratch the surface! The full range of units are fun to use, but can just as easily be fielded competitively. Cult Creeds are diverse and powerful while our relics, Warlord Traits and psychic powers are interesting and tactical. 

Thanks, Geoff. If you’re not cackling maliciously while playing with your Genestealer Cults, you’re probably not playing in the spirit of the army anyway! If you’re looking to reinforce your collection with some of the units Geoff suggested, you can pre-order your Abominant, Biophagus, Aberrants and Achilles Ridgerunners now, while all the other units are in stores and available to order online.

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